extra summer

Amazingly, against all odds, I’ve slipped an extra week of summer in Tucson out of life.

Evan made it in easily on the crew pass, so perfect. I was afraid I’d have to go to St. Louis for the week, as was originally planned, but the Gods interceded and here we are, swimming, working, cat-petting and digging it.


I’ve had an insane couple of weeks; they don’t bear direct thought. My head would explode. So I just take each thing as it comes.


this is how I feel, exactly

The night before last I had dinner with The Chairman, Alan Stern, and we put our heads together on matters of humanity. I bring some set of mysterious proxies to the table that cannot be denied; and I have to use them to stand up for a thoughtful (rather than a heedless) future.

We made good progress. I angled for the gift shop on Mars as well as the one on the Moon.

I don’t want to run them, you understand, only to design the merch.
I want it to be really good.

Kate Drew Wilkinson at Glastonbury

In an hour, I get to turn on BBC 4, like any civilised person, and watch Ferry’s set at Glastonbury. Oliver Thompson’s band Ollie Forrest played a smaller stage earlier today, at one of the clubs. I hope it went well, and I also hope to see him show up on Ferry’s stage tonight to play with Chris Spedding.

I mean, he’s THERE. We’d all be so pleased.

The photo above is of my friend Kate Drew-Wilkinson, at a previous Glasto. Perhaps she will tell us who took the photo, and what year.

Smashing/splashing lass.

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