delicate arrangements

Now is the time of Arrangement; I have buns in the oven, irons in the fire, kisses in the wind. I am moving to Boston in basically days, and I haven’t really done anything to prepare other than anticipate the thrill of lurking in new spaces, and in a real city. I’m not sure what really needs to be done. If I were going to Paris for a month, I’d pack a suitcase. So I guess I’ll pack a suitcase.

Rather than trying to run anything, I am going to encourage everything, and I am going to ruthlessly and independently make important decisions, but only after carefully considering the wise words of my betters. I spend time thinking of ways to work around the things that are preventing me from getting on and time thinking about how much I like the things that are getting me on.

Our first architectural poster is going out next week!

Final NYC Poster web

Order your own copy at this link.

8 thoughts on “delicate arrangements

  1. Boston is a wonderful place to explore, as I know you already know. Have fun! By the way, do you still have my floral cuff? I don’t need it right now but wanted to make sure it is still with you.

  2. I’m wondering about my beaded daffodil also, just want to make sure it’s still with you :) I’ve been thinking the process of mailing pieces back will happen after all book pages have gone to press & that’s fine with me :))

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