beautiful summer days

Owl Hawk Raindrops

Orangelina in the Garden of Eden II

First stormlet of summer

I’ve got a new, vastly improved plan for my next ten days, which is…. incredible. Because it was looking like a pretty tough ten days a day ago. My new plan involves bringing Liam and Evan to Tucson for the timespan, instead of me going to mind the store there in St. Louis. So- another week at least in Tucson, what a pleasure.

This sticker made me laugh. Whether this is a Dungeons and Dragons joke or some guy named Azer who is into us like a train, it doesn’t matter. My takeaway from this is that clearly I need to make some stickers. In fact, I am overdue.

Tren Azer cant be stopped

What would they be, I wonder?

Probably some sort of Venn diagram.

chaos and order

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  1. Stickers…brilliant! Does a sticker with kinetic elements defeat the purpose of a sticker?

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