The strange behavior of the lizards in the yard, and their clustering around me yesterday (seemingly independent of the desire for worms) is well-explained by today.  I must be mindful where I look; today is the day for the casting aside of the no longer relevant, the tired, the stale, today is a full read of the whole book.


Grateful to be alone, with no commitments.

From Wikipedia:

“Shiva has forms like Yogi Raj (the common image of Himself meditating in the Himalayas), Rudra (a wrathful form) and Natarajar (Shiva’s dance are the Lasya – the gentle form of dance, associated with the creation of the world, and the Tandava – the violent and dangerous dance, associated with the destruction of weary worldviews – weary perspectives and lifestyles).”

6 thoughts on “Tandava

  1. Today you are Devi in her Durga aspect. Look at all this cool shit you have (if you want it): trident, discus, scimitar, lasso, Conch shell, Mace, bow and arrow, spear, sword (longsword), shield, bell, pink lotus flower, battle-axe, thunderbolt, elephant goad, snake, rod, spade, vajra, goblet, hammer weapon, iron weapon, weapon made out of thorns, javelin, dagger. That should do it.

    • I read! And when I see something that moves me, I write it down on my Available Quotes page. When I want to use one in a book, I cut it out of the list and use it; it is no longer on the page.

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