unbelievably, the last stretch of the race is on

Orangelina is friskier than ever, snapped back from not only pregnancy but egg-laying.

I’m grateful to her fecundity; she sows, quite literally, the seeds of my future delight.

Orangelina frisky after first clutch

I said to her, “Pose like the Queen of all Lizards”, and she gave me a great shot.

Those eyes! Those orange lips! I swoon.

Orangelina Queenly June 2014

I’m down to final decisions on the set of books; things are fitting very well and it feels like everything that really needs to be on paper (so quaint) is going to be in.

For me, though the real thrill is the sum of the content; the paper, the video, the library, and (most importantly) the layers of extra information that will be available behind the text in the professional version of the eBook.

That’s what I’m really working toward; the paper books and the web site are souvenirs of process to me, not the real work. The real work is the real world; infinite. Layers on layers, connected at edges and overlaps, indexed, hotlinked… high resolution. Man. It’s going to be pretty.

It’s a lot of work, but definitely, the end goal. Always the end goal. I could have kicked out ten pattern books by now, and that’s a fact. But that was never the plan.

see you on the other side – in my own way, I am making ready to give birth as well.

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