intersections of joy

Right now I am almost incapacitated with joy. And I mean it literally. For decades (more than four, that’s all I’ll say) I have been laying pipe and cable sweatily, at great cost, across the universe, painstakingly building a sparkling geodesic structure in time and space. I have been a collector of souls, a protector of Terra, and I can see timelines like trains; I can skip from one train to another if I find a soft spot, and then switch back.

SunsetTracks Frankfurt Central Station Arne Hückelheim
photo by Arne Hückelheim, Frankfurt Central Station tracks

This is part of how I accomplish so much; I have realized that it’s not just because I’m a complex personality, but because there actually are something like three of me. The intersection points are already there, something about the way the manifold ripples, and I can take them or not. My spacetime connection feels soft when a key point is approaching and my whole being tingles when the window is fertile and the timelines commune. Sometimes I have seconds to decide, sometimes I have weeks to enjoy a union of realities, a pleasing sense of completion.

Also, just LOOK at this day. Just like yesterday, and tomorrow, Arizona in summer.  Beauty beyond description, if one is clever enough to arrange shade, and water.

summer morning cooper pool

My entire life here on Terra, I’ve been collecting and sheepdogging a grid of willing souls, and it seems that when the solar “On” switch flipped here at the Ranch on Friday, and I literally jacked into the sun by virtue of triangulating with it and Elon Musk (Solar City is one of his companies) I became so high on the power that was generated that I feel like I need to carry rocks in my pocket to keep me on Terra. I do not exaggerate. Considerably more was activated than my solar array.

But activated it is. As of this morning, after three days of being powered up, and it being hot sunny summer with the pool pump and the AC on long hours, we’ve generated 110 kwh and used 115. This is fantastic, as we’re at our very highest consumption right now. This means that winter we will produce a large surplus.

We don’t get cash for our overage from Tucson Electric Power, just a credit I guess we’ll probably never use, but just think of how our one house is sticking it to the coal plant.

With our contribution into the grid, we are probably going to cancel out a second household.


Solar Generation

As it almost impossible to press the keys on the keyboard (I have become almost weightless at the added in thrill of my magic man Electric Larry being right now under the magic hands of my healer Carlisle) (and they are triangulating with me) and within the next 16 hours I have dates with two of my shamans (one of whom sought me out, one of whom I sought) I must stop writing.

Somehow, this summer, I am slated to see fully half of my interview list for Love Letters; I have been swept into this and arranged it and also people have come up behind me, and taken me by surprise. People are asking to participate.

I knew it would be intense, but I had no idea it would be like this; I must abandon myself to it. These are no ordinary people; with this much potential energy in the system, I’d best dial myself way, way down, so there is room to hold it all.

We like a high ceiling.

Orangelina Gravid May 2014 web

Luckily I have Orangelina to keep me grounded.

Doesn’t she look healthy pregnant? Not, as Doc once complimented me when I was carrying Evan, “built all low to the ground like other girls”.  She is not the only one overjoyed to see me now when I come out with the bag of Tasty Worms; I’ve accumulated new fans as well. Favorites include a clever whiptail and a curve-billed thrasher.

I’m working on page Edits all day. Over 100 pages signed off on by E V E R Y O N E and another 100 in the pipe today.

So. Almost. There.

Do you know what I wish I had right now? The lead-lined blanket that my dentist’s office gave to me, when I told them that, like Temple Grandin in her crush, the blanket that they put over my breasts during X-rays brought me intense peace. I should bring it to Tucson, and wear it to acupuncture, see how many steps I could sink down with the augmentation of a weight.

Like diving, but soul-diving. Just a little practical help.

11 thoughts on “intersections of joy

  1. Like very much. You really are the FIRST and BEST teacher I have EVER had. My thinking has gone forward, (etc) with leaps and bounds due to your inspiration and having been ther first and sharing. Thanks!!!!

  2. You are able to put into concrete words, Kate, a mirror of my own life, especially the last decade and most effectively the last few years. Faced with multiple health challenges, any one of which could have “white-outed” my life, and the one that almost did was an insane overdose of codeine from hospital staff (who knew I was allergic), the whole experience has caused a total rebirth of energy, direction, creativity…life. helpers; acupuncture, cranial, balancers, Synergie, meditation…I am a new “friend”, have been following for a while…but your multiple intersections are like my intersections, almost more than I can tolerate and the rocks in your pockets are the boulders in mine! Have spent the last 7 months purging my life of 72 years; the drawers of my life are emptying but for a few simple pleasures ~` never would have guessed that I “could” have done this (being an avid collector) and felt good and clean about it to boot! Inspirations abound, am engulfed by your photo of wires and tracks! Thank you for sharing your innerds with us in such a way that one can connect totally with your words and even more with your spirit.
    …in white light, Kate.

  3. The parallel lines of awesome are vibrating with a hum I used to hear as a child when power lines resonated during and after a storm. I can hear harmonic series.

    The turntable in my roundhouse, which spins like a prayer wheel always in motion, is slowing now, the windows coming into focus, some with golden light. (Note: my roundhouse is mostly spic’n’span and smells slightly of frangipani with citrusy rose high notes.)

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

  4. Wow, Kate! This post is off the hook. I don’t even know where to start with what is the most inspiring or enlightening.

    I am a HUGE Orangelina fan. I can’t get enough of that girl. I have never really thought of lizards smiling, but she definitely is just that.

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