all style, no substance; our silent film

One of the things I said at my talk at the Fashion Institute a few weeks ago was that I am frankly astonished that all I had to do was work hard for a decade or two, with good focus, and like magic, I became proficient at the things I was practicing. Piece a’ cake! Anyone can do that, work hard.

About that night…we have gorgeous video of the hour, but sadly the audio feed was not functional (the Square device was plugged into my IPhone, and it stole my voice).  As a workaround, I’m going to pretend I gave the talk in French, and dub it in English. I guess I can say whatever I want, and blame the translation if it comes out a bit differently…

Luckily this was one of the few times I’ve spoken that I’ve written out, nearly word for word, at least half of what I wanted to say, and I read it.

kate mckinnon by kyle cassidy in nyc
photo Kyle Cassidy

This photo is the full shot by Kyle Cassidy; I admit to darkening my dress, as the photo was so Kapow that it was hard to look away from the shimmer. I wanted more eye contact. But you get the idea.

On video, I was graced by having Ryan Anas do the filming and by having the mad skilz of the lighting guy at FIT (his name has just slipped my mind… Mitch?)

To have film so beautiful, and so silent, is strange and sweet, especially thanks to those two boys. Admittedly, it’s odd to come out of something like that and have the end product be 100% style and 0% substance (because I worked very hard on the substance) but I realized that the audio hijacking opened an entire world of dub-able film for me; I could, with proper arrangement, say almost anything.

Just think- I could make something like a magic 8-ball of myself. There I would be (ideally appearing in a flash of light and puff of smoke) – Kate at a perfectly soft, connected moment in spacetime, saying whatever popped up. I could dub in segments over time, adding to the library. A different take on the Jenny Holzer Truisms.

Perhaps I can have Michael Pope make an appropriate intro for me, just a flash of a flash of an explosion into reality.

Ryan Anas photo City In A Bowl
photo Ryan Anas

Also, animal moments for your happiness (and mine):

On my way back from steamy St. Louis, I stopped in Phoenix for the night to catch up with Allison and Everett. I photographed their cat, Hector, who was unusually friendly to me, and Allison took a tremendous photo of a Western screech owl (probably a fledgling) who appeared in the little fruit orchard at one end of their garden.


Sweet little screechie. It was my first!

Screech Owl by Allison Shock
photo Allison Shock

Yes, I have more to say.

But I will likely go quiet for a while as I dive into the last three weeks of my western summer; after that, onward, upward, further in and further out. Boston.

I was thinking this morning that when things are always divided in half, they become, in a sense, an infinite supply. That’s just math. The key thing is to never take more than half of anything; that way it will never run out. It maybe can change scale; this is something you have input on. Spacetime calculations feel much like photography; you can just rearrange things until they work well for everyone. Triangulate whenever possible for best result.

For example, if you need to have enough wine or money for everyone, no matter how many people there are, you can continue to serve wine as long as the wine or money scales up to match the people. If you knew what to do, you could just… do it like a slider bar. And never take more than half.

. . .

I hear that Maureen Down stupidly ate a dosage of medical-grade marijuana that would have floored 4 large gangsters, and lived to tell about it (and write about it for the Post, I suppose, but I refuse to link to it, because she was an idiot), and that Ralph Nader is optimistic, and that the hole in the ozone is almost completely repaired. Also, more douchebags with guns.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 11.00.25 AM

Orangelina, my darling Orangelina, was completely obviously happy to see me this morning.

She was sleeping under a leaf when I went out to find her. She perked up when I called her name, and when I tossed a few worms to the Whiptail by the footbridge she went up on all four legs, as lizards do, did a few push-ups, and then she RAN up the honeysuckle and along the wall, gazing at me fetchingly, waiting for her worms.

The brand of worm is “Tasty Worm” and by all evidence they are not misrepresenting their product. Everyone here at the Ranch who has had one has been very enthusiastic. The curve-billed thrashers love them especially, and are bold and gorgeous about coming to ask for a few.

Pretty girl! And quite pregnant.

I can’t believe I will only see her for a few more weeks, and then, after that, if I’m lucky, a few more times this year. Godspeed, Orangelina, my beauty, my darling, please stay safe and frisk onward and sleep tight and know that in Spring, at the Wall, in the Lurk, I will be waiting for you, stupidly, wagging my tail, with a bag of Tasty Worms, waiting for you to wake up and charm me.

Augh! How I hate to leave her. And Miss Fish.

Luckily, my property-mate Jay is in love with the Fishstick, and also charmed by the lizard.
They will be happy, but I will pine for them.

“It wasn’t that I wanted to know her now.
I wanted to have already known her.
I wanted her fears and her desires to have shaped my life.”  

 . . . John Dufresne, deliberately quoted in only part by me, to render his statement to my desire.

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  1. You mean you didn’t give the FIT talk in French after all? Quelle horreur!
    I am ga-ga over the idea of a “Keight Ball” full of dubs.

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