this morning

Orangelina and Guardian 2014


The Guardian statue is sitting in the dark of the Lurk because Miss Fish took a fancy to sleeping in there, just after Orangelina woke up, and that would not do. So I interfered.

tucson good morning


Also: Bill in 1973, maybe ’74. Me, 10 or 11, dreaming of tall, dark, skinny high school boys, and Joey Ramone.

If someone had shown me a picture of this boy, who was busy at MIT at the time, and told me that he would be my man, I would have been overjoyed. Sigh.

joey ramone?

2 thoughts on “this morning

  1. what an excellent shot of Orangelina and what a dream place is your pool. Makes me dream of Dolce Farniente in the shade.

  2. Wonder whether Queen Orangelina realizes what a worldwide domain she rules? Soon she’ll need her own webpage… or blog… or Facebook account, at the very least.

    And Miss Fish— what a beauty, a real princess… and you have worked so hard to make their palace and grounds fit for them, and their visiting admirers. You wear so many hats— Head Gardener, Chief Chamberlain, Head Chef, Ambassador, Chambermaid, never mind Contemporary Geometric Beadwork and all its facets… no wonder you are mentally and physically exhausted today. Enjoy the “resting” day, in the Palace grounds. You’ll be back at full steam soon, which is to say at 190 MPH and 190%!

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