are we viruses, living on a steel?

“Are we viruses, living on a steel?”

That was a comment in the thread under this photo, a false colour of a crack in steel, posted on the IFL Science page on Facebook.  Photographer/colourist unknown. Science is bad about photo credits.

Steel false colour

Whatta week.

I woke up tired this morning, which is unusual for me. I can tell that (as soon as the important things are handled) this is going to be a good day to put an autoresponder on my email, ship the books people have asked for to Bead & Button, and not ask for a whole lot more from myself.

BOA Office

Yesterday, while wasting a portion of my life going inside the bank to do a wire transfer that I couldn’t do online (so 1990), I got a photo from inside an office.

I love this old building, a perfect circle, ringed with cast concrete parentheses, each one about 12 feet tall and three feet wide. From the inside, one looks out through a series of sideways eye shapes.

Good morning Orangelina

Orangelina has been very friendly; she is a very smart lizard indeed, and grasps my human ways. She figured out right away the relation of the worms to the bag to me to the wall, and after only two experiences, she started running to the wide spot at the top of the wall when I came into her space with the bag. Her lover, Prince Charming, is still unattractively cowardly, but I suppose that could also be viewed as clever, if one assumes that staying alive is the smartest thing of all.

O showed me a cute back view yesterday. She lives in the hollow wall; it’s like a condo building, and she owns the whole thing. Mr. Teeth (a smaller Spiny) and assorted whiptails share space, and the Prince comes to call, but it’s her wall and that is not in question.

O showing us some back

It’s finally really summer here. We turned on the AC when it went over 100F. The solar panels click on next week; we almost made it. The pool is still in the 60’s, as I’ve taken off the cover. It’s all most unusual.


Below, the B40, through the mesquite tree. Orangelina is nibbling at something at the edge of the ground cover, and her wall is at right. The photo is deceptively shortening; from our lookout to the far wall is actually about 50 feet. Lizard paradise. Not bad for humans, either.

lizard in her lurk

To finish, a photo taken by my dear friend Gail Crosman Moore, who just returned from faraway lands. This was a shot from her window in Amsterdam, I believe.

I could stare at it for maybe ever.

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 12.43.51 PM

Well. Time to find some reserve well inside myself, and make something of this day I’ve luckily woken up alive to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “are we viruses, living on a steel?

  1. Oddly, I have been feeling a similar feeling, but it is more about ending the semester, finishing a thesis, moving on to the next thing. But I have a final to give and grade to my two graduating students, then I can relax and plan my next adventure.

  2. That sassy Orangelina is most certainly the madame of her modernist mansion. Plucky and smart.

    That pleasing vertical eye shape on/in the bank is known as a vesica piscis (“bladder of a fish” in Latin) and also a mandorla (“almond” in Italian). In geometric terms, it is the intersection of the Venn diagram, one of my personal favorite shape of shapes. The mathematical ratio of the height of shape to the width across its center is…wait for it…the square root of 3, the mighty 3. I could go on, but….

    Perhaps a massage is in order on this day?

    • I had a massage on Tuesday and went to Larryland last night. Or God knows where I’d be today. I’ll go back to Larry again today or tomorrow, I have dinner with a dear friend tonight, and maybe at some point I can have a good cry and access the dopamine in overload tears. There is nothing actually wrong with me (praise be) except extreme sensory overload; I need to clear my channels and I guess I’ve waited a week too long. Also, I could use some serious Bill time. Saturday! Thank you for your love and please, tell me more about shapes and 3s. Yes. Always.

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