If you were at the NYC talk

Kate McKinnon at the Fashion Institute, NYC, May 21, 2014

Won’t you please have a look at this PDF, in progress, to see if you are one of the people I am trying to put a name to, or if you might know someone who is as yet unidentified? Of course I met everyone, but it was a whirl, and stupidly I forgot to have a sign-in book with model releases for the shoot. Don’t mind little typos (unless they are in your name of course) as I’m still working.

Have a look at it even if you weren’t there! It was a beautiful evening.

Click this link to view or download:  NYC PDF in progress

Trillian Stars wearing Robin Douglas by Kyle Cassidy
photo of Trillian Stars by Kyle Cassidy


6 thoughts on “If you were at the NYC talk

  1. l loved looking at all of those photos. Kyle always does such a wonderful job of photographing his subjects. Trillion looks fierce and elegant as usual. Everyone’s work is lovely. I wish I could have seen you speak.

  2. These women (and men) look just so beautiful wearing their fantastic beadwork. Great job, Kyle!

  3. Just remembered to look at your website for these fabulous photos. I’m the lady above # 34 with the salt and pepper shaker necklace! Loved your talk, your manner, your enthusiasm! Sorry I had to leave early to go to Textile Society meeting. Happy for you to use my photo if you wish…..would love to know where when and if….AND YOUR INSTRUCTIONAL YOUTUBE videos are GREAT!
    Marsha Carlin

    • Thank you, Marsha! What stunned me is that no one stepped up to identify you, because, well. YOU ARE FABULOUS and unmissable. What a pleasure it was to meet you and see your work, and talk and laugh with you. I look forward to the next time.

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