like a boss

What a great day! So much stuff got done, signed off on, and the entire Basics section from CGB, Volume II, was released for free to open the Pattern Library. Response has been wonderful.

This is the lovely Trillian Stars, wearing one of my large Zigged Flower brooches. Photo by Kyle Cassidy.

Trillian Stars, by Kyle Cassidy, wearing Kate McKinnon, NYC Fashion Institute May 21, 2014

Miss Fish has been as helpful as ever.


Today, I filmed Orangelina eating the mealworms I’ve started giving her and whatever lizards decide to make the excellent call of coming near me.

One thought on “like a boss

  1. Oh my god! If you feed them, they will come! HA! I loved that. What a great little shot of your world with Orangelina in it!

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