SitRep: (sound of shuffling)

What a thrilling and kind of difficult week it’s been. I feel like… a Michael Grab rock stack.

Michael Grab rock balancing

Bringing the CGB project into shore is still feeling like running a marathon, being an Iditirod dog, or swimming some warm and friendly but infinitely long Channel. I laugh at these dramatic metaphors, but honestly. I’m probably at Heartbreak Hill; the place that separates the dung beetles from the ladybugs. My Iditirod is more like the Idiot-O-Rod, sometimes.

Excitingly, I heard from the Catsup Bottle on Facebook. I felt like I had been kissed by an angel; like the time I pulled up at Ross to buy a new suitcase, and I parked the Miata right next to the Weinermobile. Of course, it was the one time I left home without a camera.


I’m at the point of work where I’m staring down a highly refined and scary big page over-run, and one in which all Level I diagnostics and fixes have been applied. There has been some Level 2 angst, but so far I haven’t actually removed any content. It’s going to cost me; no matter what I do I’m going to pay. Either I pay in money, to print and ship a book that as of today is 32% over budget in paper and ink, and will be so heavy it’s in another standard shipping category, or I cut content (I hate cutting content) or I commit to a third volume (not this year) or I get smarter (I’m trying this first).

Of course having too much great stuff is always the best of all possible problems.

It’s time to start stacking cash up for the press, and so we are starting with a gorgeous 18 x 24″ fine art print, “56 Pieces”, a sampling of works from the two-volume set of books. It features the work of 49 artists from our project, and shows a huge variety of forms.

Final NYC Poster web

It’s $25, gorgeously printed, and if you like things indestructible, it can be bought laminated on both sides (this is a professional coating, not a plastic sleeve from Kinkos) at no extra charge, or you can order an uncoated print for framing. Discounts for quantity (use the Options menu) and wholesale pricing is available to shops, if prints are ordered before the June 10 press run.


5 thoughts on “SitRep: (sound of shuffling)

  1. Kate, I would be very willing to pay more for a thicker volume of CGB II and I know a lot of beaders would love to see a CGB Volume III…just think of the incredible geometric work that could fill a third volume after we’ve digested CGB II!

    • Oh, well, that simply isn’t done, and $40 is already quite a bit. Like my work this spring (unpaid) whatever happens on the press is on me. Buying a poster (as you did!) has the same effect, and of course you get a poster, yay.

  2. Kate, I love the poster and look forward to seeing more of them! A CGB Earring poster would be fun! Thank you, for including my bangle in the first poster!

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