exciting times

I’m keeping my head down, watching for trees as my sled rockets down this hill and that. Sometimes I take a wrong trail and have to drag my situation back to the mainline, sometimes I lose momentum and have to pull it all up a hill before I can get going again. I feel like I am nearing the end of a long journey; I can absolutely smell that the air is different.

I channel my inner fierceness, and manually keep it paired, sled-harnessed, with the work ethic of Balto.

Balto The Bravest Dog!

I’m fixated on the idea that I am “almost done” with CGB.  I’ve been saying this for six months now, unfathomably, and it’s always been true. Surely today I am almost doner than at any other point of almost doneness. The paper book pages are almost ready.

I won’t think beyond that, although I am willing to admit that I know that it will consume another six months of my awareness to finish the entire sphere of the project, and that I will have to do it concurrently with my next book, which I had hoped to have the luxury of focusing on alone.

If these are the worst of my problems (and they are) I have no problems.

It’s time to think about BOSTON. An overview of the school situation points to Brookline or Cambridge as the place we will find our lovely old high-ceilinged apartment… there is, as is typical in a college town, a flood of everything on the market right now. I’ve put out quite a few feelers as this seems to be a likely moment; I feel a welcoming softness in the membrane of time and space that must not be ignored.


My God, I have a lot to do. I’d best get started, as I’ve spent the entire first workday of my day getting my head in order, my sled back on the trail, my inner dog fed, and I have shot whatever love darts I had to spend into the air, flying toward target.

I want to offer a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who is helping me along the way. I don’t quite have the words to express myself, but I am aware, at all times, of an underswelling of good will and good wishes and very practical support and kindness, and I really, deeply appreciate it. I love you.