a random, lovely, productive day

Orangelina Yes

Orangelina is such a late riser. It seems that every other lizard in the yard has put in a good half-day of frisking and basking before she even wakes up. She’s always been this way. Shockingly, I found Miss Fish in the Lurk again today, and this time she and Orangelina were sitting companionably together.

It could be that something sunk in to her cat-brain yesterday when she and I watched this adorable YouTube of a kitten who adopted ducks. But it’s doubtful… and I worry about her being up there. She’s a peaceful cat, she watches the birds, sits with the lizards. But she’s still a cat; she could feel peckish and not feel like walking inside. I hope Spiny lizards taste disgusting and everyone knows it.

A crazed thing happened today (also involving ducks). My duck thermometer was STOLEN. By what? By whom? I have no idea. A raven?

All Gone Duck


sweet simon

Who knows.

The important thing is that it’s lovely warm again, and I’ve made great progress. I’m looking forward to my Grandma’s 100th birthday party tomorrow, and then a Sunday or Monday return to St. Louis. I miss Bill and the boys so much it’s a physical ache.

Mirror Reality

Disco ball.

The book proofs are getting seriously glorious. Look!

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.43.01 PM

Orangelina’s suitor, the Ferrylike prince, is still very shy with me. When he scurried into a crack yesterday, I took a picture of the crack.

Secret Lizard

Look at what I can see of him when I process it a bit. His patterning is off the hook. I can’t wait until he gets used to me, lets me really admire him.

Not so secret lizard


3 thoughts on “a random, lovely, productive day

  1. Happy birthday to grandma!
    The new lizard has amazing patterns on his body! can’t wait to see his blue stripe.

  2. Perhaps the spines will be a determent to Miss Fish? The duck thermometer is a puzzle & can’t wait to see the Ferrylke suitor!!!

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