𝄆work eat work lizards work swim𝄇

such beauty B40

Bryan lizard

Orangelina has the most beautiful boyfriend in the word, elegant, beautiful, long, arched, with a bright blue collar. Miss Fish was found in the lurk this afternoon, sleeping. Measures were taken.


I’m working very hard now, not much looking up. Later, I’m off to Electric Larryland, like a vessel, to fill up with the universe.

wild fishstick

sunny day

7 thoughts on “𝄆work eat work lizards work swim𝄇

  1. Wow! I feel another lizard bracelet coming on!
    Any chance of a close up of Oringelinas new man?

  2. You are too much!! Love your loves and comments about them. Just received you Vol I and it is really giving me insight to who you are. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!!! gd

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