just like that, it’s summer

The pool is over 70.

Finally over 70

Miss Fish falls asleep in the middle of the garden path.

Fish sleeping in the garden

Mr. Teeth is unsure of his place in life now that Orangelina has awakened. Or is he? I know less than nothing. He’s not very long yet, and I suppose that I do know one thing- being long counts for a lot when you’re a lizard. I am told by the Internets that in territory disputes, the males actually crouch, side to side, to see who’s longest. Loser leaves.

mr teeth

Orangelina was all over the place today, no doubt eating everything she could get her pretty little lips on. I ordered her some freeze-dried mealworms to see if she likes them. I grasp that fresh are tastier, but I’m not really in a good position (nor do I have the correct temperment) to be dealing with live victims here.

owl and bougainvillea

I cannot tell you what bliss it is to be able to take breaks and dive into my beautiful old ’50s pool, patinated a deep blue-green with oxidized copper. There is so much copper in Arizona that it probably floats in our water.

Whittaker Pools

Soon, it will be warm enough to wake up and swim. Currently I’m still putting the solar cover back on the water at night.

I’m still 85 pages over target on a 250 page book. This is absurd. I keep thinking that I have a ghost chapter clogging up my layout somewhere, but no. Just a lot of incredible work to show. The overload of awesome is slowing me down a little; it’s not like I’m tossing anything out, so I have to keep careful track of it all.

I’ll HAVE to winnow down the paper book, but all of the extra material will be in the eBook, App, and Pattern Library. I’ve worked out a nice icon-based way to keep track of it all, using section posters. In the digital Library of my vision, after the basics on how to make the general shape in question, beautiful poster-pages of pieces will be available, and for each clickable piece there will be more photographs, maker notes, commentary, and, when available, a duplication chart or pattern.

It’s going to be gorgeous!

Horns poster web

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