The Queen Has Risen

Orangelina has awoken, it being the first honest day of summer. I’m SO EXCITED to see her. I’ve checked her Lurk many times each day, every day, only finding the skitty Mr. Teeth. This morning, all of a sudden, lizards everywhere, and my little orange darling back in position.


There were so many other lizards already up (including many other Spinies) that I was worried she had gone across the Unicorn Bridge to the Picnic By The River™  but suddenly, today, here was not only O but a small crew of stunningly beautiful Desert Spiny teens.

One wonders if they are her children, rising late with her, extra rich in colour for their langorous sleep. She looks wonderful, alert and healthy and no doubt ready to show off a fresh set of very sexy orange scales under that winter coat. Go girl!

And it’s definitely summer at last. Praise be!


The pool is still 66F but we won’t talk about that. I’m swimming. There isn’t room for a single weak link in my chains, least of all ME.

Proofs are going well. I’ve got these collections of images that I’ve been keeping in herd at the beginning of every chapter, and for the Table of Contents, and I rearrange them sometimes, play with them. It was originally my way of keeping track of what needed to go where but I really like it, and plan to build a visual index with them. Here is one just of Zig-Wings.

Zig Wing poster

They aren’t perfectly sorted out, just all lurking there, waiting for the call. I’d like to make a really beautiful wall poster, and gift-wrap, and I’d like to see each image, full page… I have to rein myself in, and focus.

It isn’t difficult for me to find the discipline to work this hard, but it’s a dry sort of life, and I won’t mind when I pop out the other side with something useful and sparkling in my hand.



7 thoughts on “The Queen Has Risen

  1. I’m so glad that she has finally surfaced! Now you can see how close I got in my bracelet interpretation. The ‘Orangelina’ one was the last one in the drop box!!!

  2. Thank you ,Kate. That was a lovely surprise, keeping it until she appeared!
    I was delighted to see my Spring bracelet on a previous Facebook entry too!

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