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I’m at the point of writing now where it’s a little nuts. I thought it was before, but of course that was the nuts part of nuts. This is the oddly calm part of completely fucking nuts, where a trance-like state takes over and the layouts all get nice and clean, extra chatter disappears, and everything finally starts to look as beautiful as the best things look. I really like this moment in production, the downhill.

This morning, I called a ghost production meeting and channeled all of my frequent editors. It’s astonishing how well that works for me (and for them, as I don’t have to actually bother them).

CGB Volume II preview II

It will be interesting to send what I think are a flawless stack of pages to the Text Edit Team this weekend, and see what comes back. I fear and revere them, the grammar hammers, the comma-killers. I cannot wait for Doriot’s pithy remarks (last time, about Christina’s possibly questionable prose for describing a herringbone decrease, “Hunchbacks are edgy, and demand notice.”)

Anyway. Another massive wave is going out. I dare Eileen to find a purple comma or a period inside a parenthesis (she will). I really can’t say where the period(s) go in the last sentence of the previous paragraph, with a quote ending inside a parenthetical at the end of a sentence. That’s pithy stuff. I can’t wait to hear Cath’s next strongly held position (they are always, every time, enlightening, even when I disagree) or what nerdly flight of fancy captures Karen after seeing all of the pages. As soon as the whole front end of the book is signed off on, I can publish the Pattern Library. It all has to match, you know…

CGB Volume II preview

It’s been absurdly cold here (HIGH of 81 yesterday, at the start of May. Unheard of.) The pool has been stuck in the freezy 60’s most days. An annoying wind is chasing itself around the yard.

Now, after editing since 4 a.m., going out to the Blue Willow with my friend Steve to see him off down the road, enduring another hour and a half in a manicure chair (perhaps the greatest torment I suffer for this project) finally I am settled back into place here, 11:11, my favorite time of day, sliding into another hill of work before I break again, and work again, and swim again, and work again. I’m on an endless loop for ten days, a challenge to see if I can finish ALL PAGES before I change locations.

It doesn’t really matter where I am. But it’s a date I can fixate on.

CGB Volume II preview I

I’ve suffered over the inside cover a bit. I can take out huge wads of tedious legalese related to copyright, since I’m releasing all aspects of the CGB project under a Creative Commons license. That skips the entire conversation about “if you use our ideas to teach, to publish, blah blah  blah.” I can just change it to “use everything with joy and please mention us with love if you can” and leave it mostly at that. What a relief.

I really want to find the right words to encourage the right audience for the books. I don’t want to in any way attempt to convince people who only want duplication charts to buy my work. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded in unconvincing them either, but at least I’ve fairly stated the situation. The important thing is to discourage people encouragingly.

Anyway, patterns will be in the Pattern Library, which is free. Free things are hard to really complain about credibly, and as there is certainly plenty to credibly complain about regarding my lack of interest in duplication charts, it’s a perfect balance.

CGB vol II preview IV

The Picasso quote translates awkwardly into English, but it sums up my entire work ethic.

“Inspiration exists, but it must find us working.”

I’m certainly working. I guess I’ve worked on this one spread for about a year now, and I’m sure it could still be much better. The large space on the right page is for signing, or a sticky-plate. This time, I’m not going to forget and leave the words “signed bookplate goes here” because I wasn’t dumb enough to put them on there in the first place. Ha-ha! Improvement!

Let me make up for my singlemindedness of being All Book All Of The Time with a cactus flower.

Gorgeous cactus bloom

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  1. I suspect that it isn’t just the beading world that gets contributed to.

  2. What a great post. I am looking forward to the inspiration your wonderful book brings me. It will be one of my most cherished books just like my first edition. Thanks for all the hard work and a peek into what goes into making it wonderful for all of us.

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