Book-work is going well. Proofs are flying back and forth around the world, making beautiful looping patterns. I revisit each photograph, each layout, each block of text, I adjust fonts and colours, check press-quality PDFs for image quality, and sign off, page by page.

Each page will come back to me again, at least once, from the Text Edit team, from the artists.

Nancy Jenner proof

Things are looking good. There is still a mountain of work to do. I’ve decided that I have no opinion on that, except that I will keep doing it until it is done. What I am doing now is all about hard pruning; the book is still vastly swollen, over 350 pages. (Some must be culled, but nothing will be lost. What isn’t in the second book will be in the Pattern Library.)

Above, the work of Nancy Jenner (making a Christina Vandervlist pattern from Volume I) and below, Rebecca Bisgyer, deconstructing and re-tailoring the Horned Bangle, the Helix, the Warped Squares, the MRAW Bands. Rebecca’s work is exquisitely crafted.

Rebecca Bisgyer web 10

Last night, I took a work break and went to what can only be described as a group seance.

Why? Why not. I was invited, I’m a writer; experience is important. I personally have no opinion on (or experience of) speaking to spirits. I can sometimes read the living, but that’s a different matter. My concept of time is flexible, but the idea as presented last night of the afterlife being a sort of endless picnic where my family and friends are hanging about, waiting for me to cross over, sometimes zipping off to Jupiter to admire the moons, is not a scenario I can personally resonate with.

The experience was particularly odd as our translator (he does not identify as a medium) was deeply focused on himself, unusual, I think, in his profession. Even the information he was bringing for others was presented in the form of anecdotes from his own life journey (or, to be fair, analogies set in car dealerships).  Although I believe he was completely sincere (and I am told has helped others find lost pets swiftly, which is nothing to sneeze at) in terms of showmanship, sadly he was neither convincing as a translator nor did he have the soul of a magician.

I sift through the experience, looking for something to come away with. There is always something.

tree mandala with palo verde flowers, kate mckinnon, 2010

Showmanship is something I am capable of. I feel it welling up in me, as I prepare for the ONLY talk I’m giving this year, the whirl at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC,  on May 21. The timing is glorious; the stars align.

Work work work work!

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  1. I love Rebecca’s bracelet. I am so proud of you for getting invited to speak at the FIT in NYC! I wish I could see you talk there.

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