soaking it in

I’m back home in an unseasonably cool and rainy Tucson after a glorious week and a half of glamour, music, work, love, cats and family.

442 Bill and Evan web

Bill, regaling Evan with tales of his own 442, which he had when I met him. It wasn’t a convertible, but hey. He had one.

I not only had huge fun but I got huge done, with my MacBook attached to me like a third arm everywhere except the Ferry show, Frock You (Kenny King! Amazing little handbag!) and The Carnitas Snack Shack, a place that I would see way too much of if I lived close like Doriot.

While working yesterday, I listened to this incredible one-man show by Beck. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard it before. Or that it was only an hour long. I felt like I’d been away for days and my shirt was on backwards and I’d signed off on 15 pages by the time it was over.

Spring is rioting all over; everywhere I go different things are blooming. In St. Louis, the pink dogwoods were just coming on strong (so sorry to miss the next couple of weeks with them) and here, the palo verdes are just finishing up and the cactus are off the hook.

This one is so intensely orange that the camera can’t even focus on the separate petals.

cactus flower

This is a fun time for me musically. So many of the musicians and bands I love are hot still/again, many of them making new music. People want records again, and Neil Young made a personal sound system that sounds like being in the band (I kick myself for missing the Kickstarter on that one) and we’ve already got the next Roxy Music party planned for this fall- friends are coming in from all over the country to fill up the fan of tickets Doriot and I wangled out of TicketMonster. Jack White is pressing records in Nashville. Good times.

I thrill to think of all of the shows that will come through Boston while we’re there. Shows, talks, plays, symphonies, operas… I need to get on staff at one of the local papers or magazines so I can get a press pass. Because I want to see and write it ALL.

I can’t believe that Miss Fish doesn’t want to go!


8 thoughts on “soaking it in

  1. Bill with a 442? I envisioned him with a restored 60’s Volvo sedan. That’s a lot of power for a young driver–glad he made it to middle age!

  2. That pillow that Miss Fish is resting her sweet little head on looks like the lining of the treasure cigar box I got from you…I’m guessing it’s all cut from the same cloth? She is so adorable!

  3. That Carnitas Snack Shack seems to be an incredibly good place to go. Love the picture of their Beet Terrine. Also love their ethics. Have a lovely day with your even lovelier Miss Fish.

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