how time flies

Wasn’t it just yesterday we pushed the boys down here in our twins stroller, to have kiddie cones and watch the fire trucks across the street? Now they are almost as tall as the awning.

Custard Station, Evan and Liam

I went to see a hilarious, accomplished and obviously completely badass hand surgeon today. She was very reassuring, and said, basically, “No one can make your work but you. Keep working. You are going to be fine.”

What more do I need to hear?

That Trillian Stars is coming to the Ferry show with us? CHECK!


photo, as you may have guessed, by Kyle Cassidy.

5 thoughts on “how time flies

  1. The wrist support with the metal bar in it allows you to still type, bead… But prevents your wrist from getting to that position that causes the problem
    AND over the counter Aspercreme works wonders!
    Feel better!

  2. Kate – take care of yourself and keep creating your unique beautiful pieces. I had some issues and wore the wrist supports with the metal bar while sleeping and that really helped during the day. There are some things that still cause me pain so when I start to feel the twinge I wear my wrist guard at night.

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