glamour and not, and Bri is a marathoner

For a few days there, my life was facing Glamour side out, as I seemed to be jet-setting around to see rock concerts, chit-chatting with geniuses, and announcing a talk and runway show of our CGB work at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.


Now, though, I’m sitting in St. Louis, with an icepack on my typing/beading muscles, looking forward to family spaghetti dinner and MISS HULLINGS LEMON LOAF to celebrate not only Bri’s 27th birthday, but her successful completion of the Boston Marathon. All in one day!

The crown-shaped sign on her visor says “It’s My Birthday!”


Honestly, it’s hard to believe what a gentle badass she is. Running 26 miles on an ankle that she set herself, right there on the floor, when it was broken during a roller derby match. Scampering up teetery Coast Guard riggings in storms at sea. Beating me at Scrabble.

She isn’t here, but we are extremely enthusiastic about the celebration.

Miss Hullings lemon loaf


6 thoughts on “glamour and not, and Bri is a marathoner

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI! Congratulations on finishing the Marathon and finishing Coast Guard boot camp (my grand-son accomplished that too)! You have your Mother’s beautiful smile!

  2. Happy Birthday to your girl! I am intrigued by this lemon loaf you are often mentioning when it’s party time…

  3. Happy Birthday to Bri. I am impressed that she ran 26(.2) miles on her 26th birthday. I knew nothing about the NYC runway show! That’s impressive too.

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