Bryan Ferry, San Diego

We had a wonderful time last night.

Bryan Ferry San Diego 4 17

The show was tremendous, the venue (Humphrey’s By The Bay) was excellent, and the crowd was excited and on their feet. No one was drunk and stupid. The weather was gorgeous, the bay was sparkly, and there were people on boats and kayaks, clustered around the harbor, watching the show.

High points for me were Remake/Remodel, Casanova, Virginia Plain and Editions Of You. Unfortunately for us, he didn’t sing In Every Dream Home A Heartache, or Prairie Rose, but we got a killer Both Ends Burning and a beautiful Tara and More Than This.

We were well-dressed for the Humphrey’s lobby.

Doriot at Humphreys

Kate McKinnon at Humphrey's, Bryan Ferry show April 18 2014.  photo by D. Lair

Tara Ferry was there last night as well, I believe… looking very handsome in a blue V-necked sweater. I missed Oliver terribly, but Quist was fine. Guy Pratt was excellent on bass, Cherisse was Wonder Woman on the drums, and Steve Jones was a perfect addition to the lineup, on rhythm guitar, backing and twining with Ferry on vocals. Jorga Chalmers was, as usual, gorgeous and rocking a jumpsuit that would be a disaster on almost any other woman.

Whatta night.

I’m already looking forward to the next time.

4 thoughts on “Bryan Ferry, San Diego

  1. I love that picture of Doriot. I had a supreme time with you at the concert. There aren’t enough words to describe that concert last night…romantic, trippy, electric smoky, rock & roll sexy,” I’m going to make you fall in love with me” acted out by Bryan, Jorga, Cherisse, the Go Go dancers…
    Thanks for sharing your man with me.

    • I must share him with everyone!
      I agree, it was an incredible night. Doriot and I agreed it was one of the best shows we’d ever seen, and we’ve certainly been around the block. Ha!

      It was wonderful to have you with us.

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