the trees were taller

I had fun this morning, catching up on my computer and my bills and such, and watching Bryan Ferry’s Coachella set from last night on YouTube.

He opened with Remake/Remodel, and happily went on to play Kiss & Tell, Virginia Plain, and suitably blistering renditions of Ladytron, If There Is Something, and Editions Of You. I dug the new arrangement of Love Is The Drug, and he sounded perfect on Dream Home; his voice slightly creepier, more wistful, than in the original. He looked fantastic, like a long cat.

Ferry at Coachella

On Thursday, we’ll hear a much deeper set, hopefully including Prairie Rose.

I missed Oliver Thompson on guitar. The new lead (Quist) is fine, but he’s a showoff. Ollie was so cool, so understated. Below is Steve Jones (rhythm guitar) and Jorga Chalmers, who plays keyboards and all the reed instruments. Cherisse killed on drums as usual, with a huge smile the whole time.

Ferry at Coachella


This was him singing  If There Is Something, another song his current voice is perfect for, haunting.

I would do anything for you 
I would climb mountains 
I would swim all the oceans blue

I would walk a thousand miles 
reveal my secrets 
more than enough for me to share

I would put roses round our door 
sit in the garden
growing potatoes by the score