Today is looking pretty fine from the outset. It’s almost six in the morning; the sun is revealing at the horizon and the clouds above me are sparkling with light.

the sun reveals

I’ve got a long but pleasant day of work ahead of me. Worked into the spaces will be a massage (and to come home I pretty much HAVE to pass about six great taco stands…) Of course there will also be at least one swim, and I’ve got the Coachella Live Feed cued up, but it isn’t live, it’s a replay of last night’s sets. (If you want to watch, you want Day 1, Stage 2, after Chromeo.) I just watched Neko Case, very nice, and after a bit I’ll tune back in to see The Replacements and then Bryan Ferry.  An excerpt of a review from last night’s set:

…during “Love is the Drug,” Roxy’s sole U.S. Top 40 hit, Ferry mimed a few urbane dance moves. Otherwise, he let his suave yet keening vocals speak for themselves. It was a wise move for a singer who, while approaching 70, sounds as impassioned as ever and seemed to have every woman standing within sight of this reviewer swooning from start to finish. 

Unlike the agreeably chatty Westerberg, Ferry said almost nothing between songs. But he struck just as strong a chord, making “More Than This” seem like a personal manifesto.

Ferry may not be chatty because he’s saving his voice. If so, it sounds like it paid off last night. I’ll be heading to San Diego in a few days to see him with Doriot and Chalon, what fun. I wish Bill McKinnon could come with us, but he’s minding the chicks.

After the show, I’ll fly over to St. Louis for a while and hang out with the lads. This week, though, my life is nicely full of family love because BRI IS IN TOWN, fresh off of a Coast Guard cutter.

unbanked cog

She came over yesterday afternoon  and we played Scrabble.

Stephanie Sersich had just sent me a little present that included a set of glow-in-the-dark breakdancers, and they found their way onto the board, and we had a new rule all of a sudden, that one player could place action figures in Scrabble squares if the other person was slow to move, and the figures prevented play in the space UNLESS the tiles could be balanced on them or they formed a land bridge for the continuation of a word.

It was pretty challenging when she put six of them on during my turn and I ended up with no choice but to play “poundcake” upside down, straight up one of the only remaining alleys on the board. It could easily be argued that pound cake is two words, but when a small elephant, a large rubber octopus and the glow-in-the-dark boombox went down on the board too I just went for it.

And it worked out for me to make “owly”, backwards, on a land bridge.

new rule

The garden is out of control. As ever, I planted impatiently, like a toddler, and I am asea in flowers. This is the honeysuckle outside my bedroom window; the air is heavy with scent.

honeysuckle freakout

These are the beautiful earrings from Steph, a gift in the mail that made me smile, and I am still smiling.

The ear wires are exquisite, forged a bit.

Thank you Steph

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  1. “…seemed to have every woman standing within sight of this reviewer swooning from start to finish.” Are you ready?

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