sweet days

It’s summertime, and the livin’ just got a whole lot easier with the official opening of the Ranch pool yesterday. Due more to the rotation of the Earth than my own mind control, the water temperature has finally climbed to the mid-60s. And that’s enough for me, desperate as I am to stay fit while playing the role of Writer On Deadline.

Simon in Flowers

Simon looks magnificent against the carpet of tiny yellow Palo Verde tree blossoms.

Tucson is glorious right now. Many things are blooming, baby lizards and birds abound. The air is heavy with fragrance; plants in full bloom with scent include the many honeysuckle and star jasmine vines, and the grapefruit, orange, lemon and tangerine trees, each of which remain in some stage of flowering and entertaining bees. Lots of other flowers are about, but aren’t particularly fragrant; Carolina jessamine, hot pink bougainvillea, aloe, geranium, oleanders, the Pregnant Onion, assorted sunflowers, cacti, and a raft of potted plants by the pool. The Lady Banks rose (known around here as the Tombstone Rose) ought to chime in soon with its unmistakable scent. There are drifts of peppermint, rosemary, and oregano, and to water them or brush against them is exquisite.

Aloe in the Lurk

The Aloe in the far-too-lush-for-lizards Lurk is really on the march this year.

Disco Summer

A summer project this year will be to cover the purple wall with the glorious gorgeous shimmery gold paint that graces the eastern wall. Different in every light, it’s the most versatile, delicious, and easy-flowing paint that I have EVER USED. I loved the Ralph Lauren version, but for whatever nefarious reason beyond my understanding, Martha Stewart Living somehow ended up to be the only one making it.

To find it at the paint store, ask for Martha Stewart Metallics. Here is a Home Depot link.

Ignore the bad reviews from tedious people who don’t understand how to use it. You will need several coats. Yes, it’s over $30 a gallon but one gallon will give you infinity worth of OMFG awesome. I have used it inside and out with excellent result.


3 thoughts on “sweet days

  1. I used the Ralph Lauren regency silver in my dining room. After one coat, I nearly cried. It looked so awful, and I really didn’t think a second (or third, or fourth) coat would be enough to fix it. But two coats was enough….and at sunset, my westward-facing dining room is gloriously aglow. It’s so beautiful….I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.

    I have not used the Martha Stewart version, but I, too, found that the Ralph Lauren version went on like a dream. By far, it’s the best paint I’ve ever used. A little spendy, but you totally get what you pay for.

    It’ll be gorgeous when you’re done!

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