What a pointless day! I guess we all must have them once in a while.

Usually I can salvage something from almost any experience, but today defeated me. It was cold, with a cold breeze, blowing sheets of pollen down from the palo verde tree, and both ends of my video setup were acting up, from the camera to the new IMovie update, which made the worst film editing software on Earth even worse (and this was not thought to be possible…)

Even Jupiter looks wrong to me, glowing redly in the Eastern sky. I feel like I’ve been cold for years; as if my hands will never unlock. The forecasts in the 90s for next week seem like a cruel taunt; it will possibly finally warm up here just as I leave for chilly San Diego, where it will be up to Bryan Ferry to warm my creaky cockles with his sheer hotnesss. God help me, the pool stubbornly, despite the new solar cover, hovers at 59F, and I still cannot swim. I am still not finished with my book layouts, All of my work today (and there was 12 solid hours of it) was essentially useless, and must all be redone. I should have known when I was beaten; by 10 am I had enough information to call foul, and I could have changed my name and joined the Foreign Service, or gone back to bed with a bottle of wine.

Luckily, Bill cheered me up with a photo of the carrot cake he had at the Sydney Street Cafe in St. Louis, which has apparently morphed from high-end pub food to bizarre art food. If my day was carrot cake, it would definitely look like this, complete with wizened bits sticking out of it.

"Carrot Cake", 2014, Sydney Street


10 thoughts on “loser

  1. How did it taste? Were those bacon strips? How much does one pay for that art? So much so that one wouldn’t want to eat it, but save it? What are the white wedges? Can we get the recipe?

    • My clock is, shockingly, not set to MN time. This is surprising, I know, as most people, no matter where they live, keep their clocks set to MN time.

  2. Those white slices look almost like a slice of cheese “Brie” perhaps, maybe it was a Brie and bacon carrot cake, so lunch and pudding on a plate…….

  3. I would have sent it back to the kitchen, after taking the photo. Fear not, dear heart, San Diego is warming up and will be welcoming you with open arms, freshly baked bread, moules marinière, champagne, and the Commander (not necessarily in that order).

    • You alone are enticement enough to enter the Frozen Zone of coastal California.
      Just THINK of the fun we are about to have. Also, we get to go to the concert with Chalon. Win.

  4. Damn, I hate it when days like that happen! Hurrah for Bill with the VERY interesting carrot cake, I can’t wait for the details. And Doriot has some delectable enticements in warming San Diego!

    • I have the DETAILS from Bill: the bacon-like wizened bits are dessicated carrot. The white is a crumbly meringue. The blobs are pureed mango (points to Susan Denis, who predicted something suchlike) and under the Pile was passionfruit sorbet. He said “It ought to add up to delicious but it was simply strange.” Like maybe if he mashed it all up together, it would be perfect, but individually, each thing was rather odd.

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