the words we use

I read a somewhat annoying article in Slate today, which I won’t bother you with. But the key point of it was something I’ve been thinking about for the past months, that saying things like “OMG I’m so busy/overwhelmed” isn’t actually helpful, in fact it just makes us feel busier than we actually are. I’ve vowed to stop saying it, and instead to focus on what was accomplished each day.

Aloe is TALL

The B40 is larded with blooms, and the occasional big trundling flying beetle. The palo verde tree is going all over yellow, the aloe vera plants have sent up huge flower stalks, the orange and grapefruit trees are heavily fragrant, with blossoms fading, the star jasmine is just about to open, the honeysuckles have just started. The Pregnant Onion soldiers on, showing more and more Onionlets and with flowers on the cones still opening.

In these photos, the aloes.

Aloe blooming 2014

Still no sign of Orangelina, but happily Mr. Teeth has moved into her lurk and is growing more each day. He is shy. Sometimes I just see the tip of his tail after he scurries into a brick. I’m thinking of buying him some worms to eat, so he’s happy to see me.

Mr Teeth Tail

7 thoughts on “the words we use

  1. I’ve never seen an Aloe Vera bloom. How exciting and lovely and fantastic and amazing. I always thought it was just leaves. Lucky you!

  2. Kate, I never think of you as being “overwhelmed,” rather as having a very full smorgasbord and a great appetite… what you choose to do and what you accomplish are still more than many people can contemplate. Your energy level (physical and mental) is high.

    And yes, buy that boy some worms, and maybe Orangelina will make an appearance to nab a few for herself.

  3. I saw a thing the other day that said “Stop the glorification of busy”. I totally agree. It’s like a competition to see who’s busier, implying that the busiest is the most important. I don’t subscribe to it at all.

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