everything is beautiful

Ahh. I’m home in Tucson for a few weeks, and it’s bliss to be here after a week and some in the Midwest.

Fish Frisking On A Spring Morn

Only a two-day excursion to New Orleans this weekend will distract me from the book-work, the lizards, the birds, the intoxicating blossoms of the citrus trees, the vine tendrils that threaten, with their exuberance, to gently trap me in their green sphere…

The pool is still ice-cold, unfortunately. It hovers around 60. I need a new solar cover; I am inspired.

Miss Fish is happy to see me, and she and Simon are well and frisky.

Fish With Her Spots Petted In

Her spots only show if you pet them in; otherwise, her tummy fur floats like down.

3 thoughts on “everything is beautiful

  1. It almost looks as if she’s got a 3×5 collection of equally spaced spots on her chest…how does she get away with that?!

  2. It looks like she thinks her belly needs to make up for missed belly rubs while you were gone!!! Love that green sphere!

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