denial and Desert Spinies

I’m doing that thing that I do, alternating between pretending I’m not flying to St. Louis and telling myself to pack for St. Louis. I have a 6 a.m. flight, which is revolting (but it’s Spring Break and planes are very full) and a thin wet snow fell there today. Neither outrage bears focusing on; instead I think of the boys, and how lovely it will be to see them.

Horse is tender and solicitous.

Sadly I don’t get to see Bill until the weekend, we are passing each other in Texas, as he’s off to one of the big planetary meetings. The kids are off of school all week, but that’s no longer the work stoppage it used to be, I can easily and happily work on the book and my beadwork when they are around. We’ll probably spend some time in the garden (I find the first big cleanup of Spring so satisfying) and making Liam a space in my studio, with a painter’s easel.

The fall in Boston shines like a tertiary heaven, coming up in our future very fast now. I’ve started looking for a house to rent, which I always find exciting. This week, the boys and I will check out their options for the semester of high school; it will be the first term of Liam’s senior year, and Evan will be a junior. It ought to be a term without much outside pressure for any of us; as I say that, I laugh and think how little one can predict the future. But I can at least say that at this point, there is nothing on deck with teeth.

Horse is Strong

Meanwhile, here in paradise, the pool is sparkling, the Desert Spiny lizards finally began appearing this afternoon (I can’t believe I have to leave, before I’ve seen Orangelina) and the cardinals are adorable, coming to the feeder together at the end of each evening. Miss Fish is frisky, and Simon is spending a lot of time sleeping in the open window, stretching every few hours, and then getting up around sunset for  a night with his friends, cats that I do not know. There is a black and white tuxedo cat, and a gigantic grey cat, and sometimes in the mornings they are sitting by the pool with Simon, but they run away when I come outside.

9 thoughts on “denial and Desert Spinies

  1. Do you ever go horse back riding out in the desert and mountains? I see your love of horses, little though they are, and they make me remember being a horseback rider in the sand dunes around Lake Michigan and now I have that old desire to ride in Arizona. I think there is more open space near you. I close my eyes and see your desert colours. Yum yum.

  2. Glad to hear that the lizards have come out of hibernation. I was beginning to think that you would never see Orangelina again! Have a good trip!

    • I’m still not sure I’ve seen her. I had to leave before I positively identified the big one who’d lost a tail (but that could be her) or seen another large adult. I did find a teenaged boy, sadly drowned in the pool. I hated to leave, I like to be on hand to protect them and fish them out of the pool if needed. Sigh. Best not to think about it, and hope for a good outcome.

  3. I love that Liam is going to have a studio space in which to paint. I love that Simon has a secret life about which you can only guess.

    • Yes those are things that I love too. I love you. I love thinking about the space under the bed, where Jasper and Wyatt have a fort, and the small smile Evan has on his face when he is lost in texting with his adorable girlfriend, and the way Liam talks about a thousand miles an hour when he is excited about something (Bri does this too) and about thinking about us all being together for six months. And thinking that we just HAVE to find the coolest, hugest, funkiest, turretiest house to make our base camp, so that we entice visitors as well.

      Hey: we get to rub up against Commander Ferry in just A FEW WEEKS, you and us. Shiver.

  4. What high schools are you looking at? Brookline High School is an excellent school and very diverse. Brookline is within walking distance of everything including downtown Boston, and Cambridge.

    • What a great tip, thank you! Something central and on the T, definitely! We’d really like to stay out of our car, and out of the burbs. Liam is hoping for a really good art program.

  5. We are also on two T lines. Riverside (the D line) as well as Cleveland Circle, the C line. I don’t know about the art program at BHS. I am sure it must be good as it a very good school. Brookline is also within walking distance of the MFA where he could take a class perhaps as well as Mass Art. I take classes at both of those schools and I always walk to them. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

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