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What a time this is. I’ve been incredibly productive. I’m deep in the massive layouts for the CGB book project, and for the Pattern Library (and they have to be done together, so they relate properly). I’ve finished my part of the 2013 taxes, and snuck in a photoshoot with Susan Denis. I backed up the Macs, raked the garden, kept the machine of my life mostly moving, I’ve answered the email, paid the bills, checked the Lurk fruitlessly three times a day for Orangelina. And I’ve breathed a lot of Texas dust in the last two days, as we’ve been stuck with a wind from the dratted East. Hopefully today it will be clear.

From my garden, things look fine; I water the entire walls of vines, not just their roots, washing them. I’m trying not to think about Texas, or about my bathroom sink, or the odd error in my database. The orange trees are blooming now in the garden; maybe the wind has stopped and the scent of their blossoms will again become the reality.

The pool is still too cold for swimming, which means I am still soft (and bitter about it); the day I swam a week ago was the warmest moment yet, at 63F. This is a time of year I find hard to take, but am rarely clever enough to spend travelling. Once again, I vow to not be on a deadline next spring. But: work is going well.

Susan helped me get a few photographs of an incredible piece by Dominique Scobie. We showed it both around the neck and as a hat-band.

Kate in Dominique Scobie by Susan Denis

I don’t like to be photographed like a model, so I’m rarely in the shots. It isn’t that I don’t like photoshoots or cameras (I do) it’s just that I don’t enjoy being the thing in the room that everyone is looking at, fussing over, studying. It’s hard to imagine being the kind of person who thrived on that.

But I love having the photos to remember the moments. That piece, that moment, that place, that friend. That glass of wine.

If you are a Terry Gilliam fan, don’t miss this interview, about his new movie (opening today). The way he describes the chaos of the production of a giant project on a shoestring really rang home for me.

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  1. Just obsessively checked, March 14 = UK opening date. US release set for “summer 2014”. Because I needed to know.

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