fasten harness

I can tell that I’ve reached the top of another roller-coaster loop in the production of my book in process. I’ve spent a pretty chewy month in the trenches, and my next excitement will be to open the free Pattern Library.

Winter seems officially over in Tucson. I raked the garden this morning, and at 8 am it is was soft and warm, with lots of birds chirping. Some lizards are out in the yard, but not many. No Orangelina yet, but I have a feeling it won’t be long now, if she’s coming. Her Lurk is nice and tidy:

freshly raked Lizard Lurk

The vines are going mad, and there are lots of tendrils to braid. I still can’t adjust to the mindset of trimming new shoots; I’ve been in Must Grow A Green Wall mode so long now that I still see every tendril as sacred.

I had a strange, fascinating dinner last night, talking with Hartmann about lunar origin (still such an engaging puzzle, even after all of these years of our best minds bent on it) and other matters of the mind and heart. He and Jack ran into each other at a Moon meeting in London, and agreed, as I understand it, that their only hope re my next book was to not embarrass themselves, or, I presume, be embarrassed by me. Understandable.

the moon over the oleanders, which are blooming, kate mckinnon 2012

I’m excited that Jack has involved his mighty mind with lunar origin, as it gives me a nice literary tie to Hartmann (who co-authored the first paper that suggested a massive impact to Earth formed our Moon). Also, Jack’s participation in anything increases the likelihood that a working model will emerge sooner, rather than later.

Lunar origin is still a maddeningly niche concern, maddening because everyone sees the Moon in the sky, almost every day, but people seem to have limited curiosity about it. Why aren’t we more focused on it? Why don’t we have a lunar science base? I am gobsmacked, every time I see Luna in my slice of sky- WE HAVE A MOON. And it’s a really good one, nice and solid, without a lot of bothersome methane jets or sandmonsters. Sadly the first people to get a toehold on it are more likely to be space pirates than a science team.

Yeah baby

Anyway. Here I go, swimming and writing and hopefully sliding into third base soon.

6 thoughts on “fasten harness

    • I’m telling her the same knock-knock joke every day, sooner or later she will get up just to shut me up.

      “Orange you glad it’s Springalina?”

  1. Just seeing photos of someplace where there is no snow and the sun is shining is heartwarming! We had another 4″ of snow in northern Illinois last night with more on the way. Our winter has been unbelievably long…last year at this time our prairie had new growth emerging, birds were singing, and the insect world was coming back to life. Not so this year!

  2. I am glad that someone else can’t trim (prune!) plants and climbers too. It seems so cruel when they have worked so hard to grow!
    Show Orangelina the bracelet when she finally appears, i hope she is impressed, and please share the photos with anyone who is interested..

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