a brief interlude of sunshine

I’m told that the weather is about to get a lot worse here in St. Louis. I’m back to the sunshine on Saturday, so I’m pretending that there is no sleety snow on the way.

Wyatt is adorable on the stairs. One ear is listening for Jasper, upstairs, and one for the boys, in the kitchen.

Wyatt on the sunlit stairs

When school gets out, both cats wait on the stairs for the boys. When Jasper can’t stand it anymore, he gets up into the little nook by the door and presses his nose against the glass, craning his neck to see up the street.

Our front door is always smudgy with nose prints, and it’s kind of odd to say “it’s our cat” when they are five feet off the ground.

Did you see the APOD photo today? Wow. A crescent Venus and a crescent Luna.


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