grey-brown, but with lumens

It’s another cold, grey-brown morning in St. Louis, with an expected high today just above freezing.

Squirrel by Matt McGee, Creative Commons license

The light is better today, I can see the sky, and it is blue. The trees are sticks (but I can feel the saucer magnolias about to open) and the heater chugs away, keeping us alive and somewhat dessicated. I long to open the windows and doors. Elsewhere (most notably at my own house) there is sunshine and sparkle, warmth and good light. Doors are open.

Soon, though, any day now, it will be spring, and the trees will flower and the squirrels will outscamper the creep of the rime. In fact, when I return in March, I can say with assurance, “There will be flowers.”

The time here flows like a sticky little river, slowly at first, then in a way that melts one day into the next. I will have been here for a week today, which mystifies me. I had no idea. Bill is on the East Coast right now, reviewing a few days worth of proposals for NASA. When he comes home at the end of the week, I’ll flee, I’ll fly, I’ll kiss him fondly and return to the sunshine and the blue sky, and finish finishing my book.

It shouldn’t be long now… things are going beautifully.


Squirrel photo by Matt McGee, Creative Commons license

5 thoughts on “grey-brown, but with lumens

  1. Hey, Kate! Beck’s new music drops today. Maybe that will help to pass the time in the Midwest until you can get back to your sparkly weather in Tucson.

    • Yes, I got it this morning, as I had pre-ordered it. Have you listened yet? I’m not sure what I think yet- I’ve only heard three tracks so far. I’m actually watching Doc Martin while I go through the book layout, but it’s come to that uncomfortable stage where there is a new baby and naturally everyone gets tired and grumpy and bickers and no one can believe how one tiny baby could be such a lot of work. So I might have to make a change. Good news for Beck!

  2. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I am looking forward to it. I wasn’t wild about Sea Change when it came out and eventually fell in love with it.

    How DO babies do that?

    • She’s horrible but as enough Republicans have backpedaled on it, I doubt it has a chance of getting signed. Such a smarmy lot, wasting all of this time, money, and generating more divisive feelings. I know that I certainly have bad feelings toward them over it; it’s no good, us all working against each other.

      I just can’t find any way to excuse their basic premise(s).

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