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The Tucson skies have been gorgeous. Yesterday morning, I saw Venus and Pluto, riding high in the Southern sky. Or rather I saw Venus (upper right, white dot) and simply knew about Pluto.

Pluto and Venus

How did I know? The magic of the Star Walk App on my phone. It tells me everything, it shows me what I cannot see with my human eyes.

I waved at Pluto, and of course at our adorable little robot on the way. I like knowing in general where the other planets are; there is something about the big picture that helps me orient myself.

It’s like having mirrors. I have a lot of mirrors (especially compared to some) but not because I’m particularly vain. They help me remember my location, my character and my mission.

If I don’t see my reflection in a mirror, I will gradually forget myself as an individual… this would be good if I were the Buddha but not so useful if I need to remember my responsibilities. I could modify the classic Dali quote to read, “Every morning when I awake I need to be reminded that I am Kate McKinnon.”

. . .

This is a bottle I bought from Beau Barrett, at the Best Bead Show. Beau and his wife named their son Atom. I would have made a big deal of this at the time, but I thought they said “Adam”, so I just said, “Hi, Adam”, and that was that.

Beau Barrett bottle 2014 bead show

Naturally I regret not naming any of my children Atom.

I’ve been haunting the southern honeysuckle, the one beyond the wall that Orangelina lurks in, but I haven’t seen her yet. I told her a knock-knock joke this afternoon, assuming that she could hear me as she dozed under the little foot-bridge, or wherever she is.

“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Orange you glad it’s Spring?”

But she did not emerge, blinking. She’s the last one to rise each day anyway, so I’m not sure why I expect her to be the first lizard out of the gate in February.

Orangelina Under the Bridge

A previous sighting; Orangelina enjoys lurking beneath the foot-bridge to the outdoor shower.

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  1. What a gorgeous bottle from Beau Barrett, the father of Atom. I’m hoping that Atom was born a few decades after 1965 so he hasn’t had to suffer evil taunting from the mouths of his co-hort: “Atom Ant! Atom Ant!”

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