I saw a lizard today!

What a lovely day it was. I got so much done. I’m at the happy point, in fact, where the ONLY thing I have to work on is the completion of the CGB project… what a luxury. Normally , I’m doing ten things at once.

May I show you the other piece I added to my great Thrift Store Art Collection while out shopping with Gail? It’s a lovely original oil, 12 x 16, from the $3 basket at the Miracle Center. I’d call it a miracle, to be certain.

New Painting

It’s beautiful. And just what it’s like. I’m always sorry when people’s paintings end up in bargain bins in a dusty thrift shop, but of course I’m happy to find and cherish them.

The Fishchop enjoyed the sunny weekend. She’s taken to lying on top of a garden storage shelf, strategically positioned in the branches of the orange tree. It’s a great perch from which to watch birds, humming- and other.

Fish In the Orange Tree

Shockingly, I also found her in Orangelina’s private nursery lurk this morning, peering out from between the leaves. I haven’t seen Orangelina herself yet, but I did see a Desert Spiny in her zone this morning. It was missing a tail, I believe, so hard to ID. I’ll keep a keen eye out for both her and Alexander.

Orangelina Frisky

I expect to be swimming soon, at this rate- the pool is already over 60F… it won’t be long. I’m grateful for a light winter this year- so far, no hard freezes, we still have bougainvillea flowers.

2 thoughts on “I saw a lizard today!

  1. Can I say how envious I am at your soft winter. It’s been extremely cold here this year, and I expect to lose a lot of plants. I think the rosemary, winter savory and thyme are goners. Sigh…

  2. that painting is very beautiful and I think that I have seen the same clouds here too, with that big-nosed head and elbow. Nice catch!

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