Warm! Sparkly!

It was a lovely warm day here in Tucson. Flowers, bees, but no lizards yet. When I see the first Desert Spiny (and oh, how I hope it will be Orangelina, or Alexander…) then I can be sure that winter is over.

sun bees flowers

I celebrated my personal change of seasons (Tucson show guests all gone home, my own self on the way to St. Louis) by giving the day to cleaning and organizing my little space. All of my clothes are clean and neatly folded, my beads are organized, and the gorgeous pieces that came in this week are catalogued and on the table by the window, waiting for tomorrow afternoon’s light.

While out shopping with Gail, I added two stupendous pieces to my marvelous Thrift Store Art Collection. This one is a photograph of two cats, behaving badly. The other is an oil painting, a desert scene with lots of sky. I need to photograph it.

Thrift Store art collection

Two more days of lush sunshine, and then off I go.

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