So these past weeks didn’t happen like I thought that they would, as I ended up spending a full week sick in bed. It probably didn’t affect my overall timeline (because I would have had guests and parties in that time) but I certainly came out the other end (like something on a factory conveyor belt) with almost no forward progress on my book layout or photo archive. But happy!

Kate McKinnon at Boca Tacos by Ken Thomas

Photo by Ken Thomas

I suppose people routinely emerge from two week periods with almost nothing to show for them, but not me. I’m negotiating with myself now, trying to find my way through the vision of the next six weeks. There is much required. I remind myself that the living of life is very important as well. Seeing Bill will help me balance again, my head to my heart.

Ken and Kim

The effect of my cancellations on others was various- Ken Thomas (above with Kim Van Antwerp at the mighty Boca Tacos) came in anyway, because he had his own plans, involving mountains and canyons and a night on Kitt Peak. Kim and Gail Moore were doing the shows, so they were here. (Gail still is, in fact- she goes home tomorrow. We’ve had a lovely time.)

In one case, the cancelled shoot was very good, as Kyle Cassidy was home when burglars kicked in his door, instead of being in Arizona, and that meant that he was on hand to protect the lovely Trillian Stars. Trillian actually needed little protecting, as it turned out, as she was so fierce in vision that they ran away after seeing her. But still. He was there.

Trillian Stars:

Trillian Stars by Kyle

This actually reminds me of a famous Helmut Newton photo, of the woman with the neck brace and broken leg, after a skiing accident. It’s the way she’s holding her sword, like that woman’s cane, and how fierce she is.

Ken brought me a hilarious gift, a photograph from the Baltimore Sun’s archives. It’s a shot of Bryan Ferry for Rolling Stone, standing in front of either his car or one much like it, in 1974. The caption says “Bryan Ferry: The darling of London Pop Society”.

ken thomas gift

The newspaper is liquidating their photo archive, which is kind of sad. It’s a digital age. The photos all have the crop marks and editor’s notes in grease pencil.

I did see a number of friends, lots and lots of social interaction, chit-chat, group meals. It’s thrilling and exhausting for a hermit like me. I soak in a lot of thoughts, but it uses up the part of me that can write. So almost no words come out of time with me. It’s strange, but that’s just how it is.

Here is Kim, so adorable, at Beau Barrett’s booth at the Best Bead Show. I bought a bottle from Beau, a beautiful blown confection, on my day dedicated to buying art from artists. I’ll photograph it properly soon.

Kim Van Antwerp at Beau Barretts booth

So here I am, getting ready for a scene change, figuring out my path through the next block of time, shipping CGB Calendars, battling my giant database, and getting ready to go home to the boys in St. Louis.

Sweet boys. I’ll be happy to see all five of them.

Wyatts fetching batty smile

6 thoughts on “whirly

  1. So wonderful to have seen you Kate. It was great to catch up in person. The photo of Trillian is very Avengers Era Diana Rigg, don’t you think?

  2. So glad your better and were able to at least see friends, that’s the most important part anyway! I purchased one of the those little Beau Barrett bottles and it is very lovely, now I want to continue the collection if he continues. Glad you had some fun!! Can’t wait to see the calendar!!

  3. What a thoughtfull gift is that BF picture. Particularly to someone who is editing so much herself :-)

    Love to read you and am happy to know that you are better, that you’re able to soak up sun and love from friends.

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