fresh cells

It’s been an interesting week.

I hardly know what to say. Except that I feel wonderful. All of a sudden. It’s as if the virus that was on low burn inside me was doing a hard reboot; after about five days in bed, I feel newly born. And thank God, the sun came back today, and it’s much warmer in every way.

Gem Show Sunshine

This morning I went over to the To Bead True Blue Show at the Doubletree, and made it through two tents and a couple of rooms. It was the last day for a lot of people, and I wanted to show a little support. It was fun, and I thought the show looked and felt good, although I do agree with everyone who wishes that there were more fine crafts, and that they were all together in one room, well-curated.

Hunting for art from artists (which was my today mission) in a series of rooms and tents also full of commercial stuff can wear people out. I’m all for having zoned shows- a fine craft room would be a big draw for me.

Evan left the basement door open in St. Louis overnight; the pipes froze and the water meter in the basement cracked; things happen. It’s over. It’s interesting, the family dynamic. Every time we deal with something together we love each other more, even if what we are getting through is some jackass problem one of us created. It doesn’t matter. I love that kid so much. He’s my hero, not least for the spectacular nature of his occasional escapades. Anyway, I do dumb things daily. Fact.

This week, while tucked up in bed, I began watching the excellent Miss Fisher’s Mysteries, an Aussie series, and also in getting a few more rounds on my Zigged Band sample:

Zigged Band into bangle web 4

It’s still willing to act like a flower, as above, but it’s really going to be a bangle. It’s not finished yet, but here’s what it looks like open and standing.

Zigged Band into bangle web 3

7 thoughts on “fresh cells

  1. I’m so glad you are feeling wonderful! Bummer about the pipes & meter in St. Louis, I enjoy your attitude & I agree–it’s done. I often do dumb things too!

  2. Are you watching Miss Fisher on Netflix? We’re watching Midsomer Murders. The only problem is that I have to pay so much attention to follow the story that it’s hard to bead or knit at the same time. The English village settings are very beautiful. Love the new bangle!

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