slow and steady

I’ve been making good use of my sick days, staying in bed and catching up my database, making the CGB Calendar mailing, doing the things that move the other things forward.

It’s been lovely to see Gail and Kim in the mornings and evenings, hear news from the shows. I haven’t been out yet, but am definitely hoping to get to a couple of the venues this weekend, and catch up on the booksigning I missed.

flower-to-bangle, Kate McKinnon, CGB Volume II

I’ve been beading on my Zigged Band sample, the one that was meant to be a flower but wants instead to be a bangle. I’m tailoring it now, which is to me the fun part, making decisions, trying this, trying that. There are more photos up at the Book Blog if you are curious.

Good luck to everyone out there doing their thing!

2 thoughts on “slow and steady

  1. Glad that you are feeling a touch better. Hopefully you will be able to see a little of the show and make it to some of your book signing.

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