you just never know

This week is turning out to be quite different than expected, as I’ve picked up some kind of flu or bug and have cancelled the huge party, the photoshoot, and the hat-shooting and mountain-raiding and restaurant-plundering and social whirlwind that the Tucson shows usually are.

Instead, it’s me, Kirk, and some daffodils.

Kirk Is Home

Yep, that’s right, Captain Kirk is back from his mission. Kim Van Antwerp discovered him wrapped around a geisha lamp in the living room. Naughty, but in character. He’s mute on his doings, but I can imagine. Luckily Kim appeared to tempt him home.

I’m just rolling with the new reality- I’m quite adaptable, so changes of plans, even big ones, don’t really freak me out. I’m happy to know that everyone else is out there having a great time, and who knows, I might be uncontagious in time to get out there and have some beady fun myself. I console myself as well with the weather on the East Coast- it’s hard to say if Kyle and Ryan would even have gotten out, or gotten home on time.  And while I’m definitely sick, I’m not miserable- so far so good, as flus and such go.

Happily everyone in our travel party had Southwest Air tickets. Did you know that Southwest lets you change or cancel flights with zero penalty? They are the only American airline with that policy, and God, we love them for it. You only get a cash refund if you buy a refundable fare, but all of their fares can be recycled into other Southwest tickets with no fee if your plans change. You don’t even have to stick to the same plans- you can change both the arrival and departure cities for free. I can’t say enough good things about how SWA runs their show, and they are always my first choice when I fly.

In other thrilling news, the CGB Calendars arrived yesterday, and they are as glossy and lovely as expected. I’ll be mailing them out this week.

Calendars are here


So, for now, I’ll stay tucked up in bed, with sun spilling on my lap from the glorious day outside- Tucson is finally turning the sun back on, and my God, it’s pretty. I hope everyone in town from Frozen Lands is really soaking it in.

Good luck to everyone at the shows, both shopping and selling!

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  1. Long distance HUG to you Kate, I’m sorry you are sick! Get Well Soon! The Tucson sun sounds fantastic to this Michigander!!!

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