soft weather

Yesterday was soft and drizzly. Today will be soft and sunny and cool.

Sadly, the truly warm weather seems to have wandered off. I’m sorry about that for everyone who came to Tucson from winter. But even 60F must feel pretty nice to someone from Canada or Michigan. And it isn’t raining. That’s good.

rainy morning flu

Fresh grapefruit makes up for the chilly mornings of winter.

I saw a beautiful Scottish sculpture yesterday. It’s called Kelpies, and it’s on a canal. Look.

kelpies Kit Downeyjpg
Photo by Kit Downey as seen on The Colossal

I saw another gorgeous work of art yesterday as well- this one is by Arline Fisch. She makes big beautiful installations of wire and beads, and this one will be at Mobilia in Boston in April. Yum.


I have two friends staying at my house now, Gail Moore and Kim van Antwerp. It’s lovely. Kim arrived on her skateboard last night, which was cooler than cool.

The CGB Calendars arrive tomorrow, Doriot comes on Tuesday, Kyle and Ryan and Ken on Weds. Joyce on Friday! So the fun just sort of spirals up like a nautilus shell.

But not much time to write.

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  1. Oh boy oh boy! Also in Falkirk, where the Kelpies are, is the world’s only rotating boat lift–it’s quite an impressive feat of Scottish engineering.

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