Timing is everything, and nothing.

Kirk In Laurel Kubby, photo Bri Date

I can’t find my Captain Kirk, but that may or may not mean that he’s gone. He may have vanished into this piece of Laurel Kubby’s; it certainly looks capable of eating a bite-sized starship captain.

Anyway, where would he go, and why?

This morning, I was thrilled to have Bryan Ferry pick me up in his black Audi and take me on a picnic. It was unexpected, as dreams are, but really nice. When he picked me up, I asked him if he was dreaming too, and he opened the passenger door, and said, “Does it matter? We have my car, and two bottles of wine, and it’s a beautiful day. Are you coming?”

So we laughed, and talked, and drove to a lake, and the cats in 2014 walked on me repeatedly, and even brought in a dead mouse to tempt me out of England and back to my bed, where I could pet them. He drove beautifully, and I was pleasantly surprised that his car was a standard drive, as most of the luxury sports car makers have stopped making shifters. (Stunning, but true.) The wine was amazing, and we did not talk about our work, or anyone we knew, we talked about what it was like to be children and have heads full of intentions and dreams and plans, to know that all we had to do was keep moving forward and things would happen. What we wondered most was why things don’t happen for everyone who moves forward.

This is Unanswerable.


This Bryan Ferry business is kind of interesting, more so than you think. When I went into acupuncture, about a year and a half ago, I had a couple of goals. One was to stop feeling guilty for hating St. Louis, and for not wanting to spend my entire life there, despite having a husband and two sons I desperately love and who would love it if I did. The other was to gain a bit of driver’s control over my mind and my dreams. I selected a set of avatars (because having icons, categories and windows is the best way to organize a database, as everyone knows) and I chose the Ferryman as the avatar of my heart and my dreams. He is completely suitable, and I got the sense that it was a job he didn’t mind having, as we were well-suited to be friends or lovers. I set myself a couple of tasks; to respond to a certain set of music by obligingly falling into a meditative or trance state, and to deliberately dream Bryan Ferry when my heart needed to speak.

That I have done so now six times in eighteen months is nothing short of astonishing; I am in exalted company in the wish to have even the slightest influence on my dreaming mind. So when I tell you that Ferry drove up in his car to take me to a lake, and we discussed the dream, and how it was irrelevant, and then talked about things that mattered, this is actually pretty amazing. At first all I could get him to do was make love to me, which is not objectionable. But that he is animate now, and in character as himself… I am high-fiving myself all over spacetime for this limited accomplishment.

winter garden

I’ve reached a turning point in my week and in my work; my first houseguests arrive tomorrow (Gail Moore and Kim van Antwerp) and the shows open and the party starts. I’ve been collecting work again, as we’ve got a photoshoot happening (and due to the timing of the second book, photos we take can make the cut).

So I’m taking a day or two off of my layout, which is good for my layout, and raking the garden and making up whatever beds I have left. Things really get going on Tuesday of next week… two booksignings at the To Bead True Blue show (Tues and Weds from 2-4 each day at the Crystaletts booth), and about ten more people coming in. Potluck dinners at my house Thursday and Friday nights…

CGB Calendars are arriving tomorrow, I believe, and I’ll have them with me at the booksigning, and here at the Ranch. I’ll only have about 50 left over to sell, so if you want one…. get one. Our glorious models will be on hand at least one of the party nights (I suspect Thursday) to autograph them, and pose for more photos.

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    • Well, IT REALLY IS, I say that objectively. I’ve worked so hard on this avatar, you know, I really gave it a lot of encouragement. People think I’m just silly but of course everything is true at once, and I am also very clever and determined. Now if I could only manage a flying dream…

  1. Kate that is just awesome. Not only that you are reworking your own head but that you are so OUT there with everything! I envy that. I LIVE in my head (it’s very very safe there) and am not prone to share much of myself with anyone. You have just become MY icon for better living. thank you!

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