skeleton-shrinkingly cold

I’m still in St. Louis. It’s crawled up to 8F, I think, but the wind chill is below zero. I creak and ache in the cold, which is absurd but there it is. A warm thing happened, though- we got a box from our friends Steve and Bette, and just look at what was in it: chocolate SARDINES.

Merry Chocolate Sardines

It’s hard to grumble about winter when you get a box like that. Calendars from Art’s Deli (every sandwich is a work of Art!) and all kinds of small delights.

Although I am creaking, I’m going to stick around here until the house is all put back together and everything is tidy. We had some ancient plumbing replaced in our ancient cottage and, well, you know. It was a mess. I also have to do my part to make sure that the boys are on track with their homework. Unfortunately we must ride them like burros for the last stretch here; it is not enjoyable to do so but it is our obligation.

Soon, though, Praise Jesus, I’ll skip home to the Warmlands for a bit, to work on layout, always working on layout, and to get ready for the huge Gem Show party and photoshoot.

IPhonetography of Kyle Cassidy and Ken Thomas by GabriellaEither Jeroen or Gabriella took the above photo of Kyle and Ken Thomas,watching the sunrise before a bit of hat-shooting and snake-spotting.

I’ll have a tentative schedule for the whirl soon; a lot of people have expressed the desire to get their portraits done, so we are putting together a few really cool day and night shoots, and people can sign up. We’ll have a lot of extras on hand- extra cameras, models, costumes, locations and props. It is even possible to get a hand-drawn portrait of your portrait.

We will have at least one star party, at least one hike, and at three evening party shoots; we will be at the To Bead True Blue show for one afternoon, we’ll go to at least one crazed show like the African Village, and we’ll go to Reddington Pass and Ken Thomas will probably shoot more holes in cowboy hats for us.

You might find yourself getting your picture taken in the Barbie Coach, with a fisheye lens, wearing a shot hat.

Kate McKinnon in the Barbie Coach, photo by Kyle Cassidy

Kyle took the above photo of me during a crazed night in which our stunt tequila bottle was emptied and the Barbies got washed.

Some Barbies soaking in a bubble bath

By the way- I heard from the press today, and the CGB Calendars are running right now on the presses in Tennessee. Ka-chunk, kachunk, and a huge “Hell Yes” for domestic printing. I don’t send anything to China to be printed and I’m not about to start.

The calendars will be available during the Tucson shows, but I doubt that there will be even one left over at the end. If you want one, you have simply got to order it now. They are expensive to produce and I don’t see myself doing a second run.

23 months of  awesome, 48 pages.

Calendar sneak peek

Some of the layouts are campy, and some are unspeakably beautiful, like Ali Megan’s shot above of Becky Pattowitz, wearing a Fortuneteller Bangle beaded and given to me by Kat Oliva.

I find myself daydreaming of the next shoot with Ali… I have so many simple ideas I’d love to see through her eyes. Soon.

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  1. SO looking forward to the calendar!
    We’re just finishing digging out from our 2nd blizzard…and yes, it’s “cold as fuck here”. I think people who may object to the language don’t have to pay the HUGE heatings bills that we do. Because when you get your heating bill here…you say, FUCK!

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