cold as fuck

I’m in St. Louis, and it’s cold as fuck: single digits at night. The city is a crust of snow and ice. It’s a big deal to go somewhere. You know the drill, it’s just winter, and the least said about it the better. I’m staying indoors, where it’s colourful and warm and there are beads and cats and lemon cookies.

Dread Pirate Jasper and Wyatt Jan 2014

See how Wyatt is controlling my Mac charger? He’s got it tucked under his left front paw, so that if I need it, I have to go through him to get it. He’s like a supply clerk.

I’m sorry to say that shortly after this photo was taken, Jasper attempted to bestow unwanted attentions on Wyatt. It’s just a pirate thing, I tell Wyatt, take it as a compliment.

I took a beautiful photo of the Tucson airport when I flew out of the balmy, mild 70 F weather.

Tucson Airport

I love this shot. It seems like the entire gate could be airborne.

I really love the Tucson airport. When you think of all of the action it’s seen… Howard Hughes, test flights, the old days where Southwest flight attendants were in white go-go boots. It flies international flights and fighter jets and mysterious travelers and tall, quiet men in hats and boots. Soon, exotic people from foreign lands loaded down with gems and stones and beads and artifacts from every corner and cave on Terra will be taking up the taxis and filling up the tents.

Liam drew a huge poster of Red Cloud for a school project. I was really struck by it- here’s a detail.

CLose up

I also meant to show you this excellent “Open” and “Nope” sign. The letter “N” just slides back and forth, to be either the first or last letter of the word. This is so obvious and good that it amazes me that I haven’t seen it before. I apologize for not noting the name of the restaurant…it’s in downtown Webster Groves.

Nope and Open

Today, my goal is to leave the house as little as possible. The cats are supportive. Anyway, we’re all still saturated with the pleasure of having seen a huge raccoon waddle down our driveway, across the street, and up our neighbor’s drive, and we have oatmeal and toast to look forward to for breakfast. Simple joys.

It was the biggest raccoon I’ve ever seen. I wanted to invite it in, and make it up a cat bed, and brush its striped tail.

St. Louis Situation with Wyatt

20 thoughts on “cold as fuck

    • I love the way he starts at any old feather tip and just fills in the page. I have to at least sketch in a framework to get things sized up remotely right. His drawing forms entirely in his mind before his pencil hits the paper. It fascinates me, and I wonder what it might be like to be like that….

      Hey! I am getting our TICKETS in a couple of hours! Waiting for the clock to strike 10 am in California!

  1. Two thoughts … red Cloud is amazing … Incredible talent …. And on another subject, I have seen other open/nope signs …. So simple, so creative and Dah!!!! So few have thought of it. Stay warm

  2. I think you could be a little less graphic with your language. That is very unattractive from a lovely, talented woman like you. You could have made your point with many other words. I am not a prude, but this is not the proper format for words like that.

    • I must sadly tell you that if you are averse to words like “fuck”, you won’t be comfortable reading my blog. Please remember that this is a private journal, and so reflects my actual being. If you prefer the sanitized version of Kate, my professional pages, such as the CGB Facebook page and the Book Blogs are profanity-free.

      If you have “friended” me personally on Facebook, or you read my personal blog, then I’m afraid you will be, in fact, subjected to the actual me. I won’t be hurt if you only want the sanitized version.

      • I have not only “friended” you, I have purchased your books. While I do agree with you that this is your blog, when you post it for all the world, or even one other person, to see, it is no longer “private” in any sense of the word.

        • That’s also true, but reading blogs, or linking with people on Facebook is optional. I’m sorry you were offended, but it seems a bit silly, honestly.

          Who was it who said, in response to a similar complaint about his behaviour, “Clearly she doesn’t know me very well. If she did, she would not stop at listing simply one fault, but would enumerate them all.”

  3. Freezing here too which is why I adore your Tucson pics!! Have you seen the Smithsonian link on twitter with the old masters digitized? Its so intriguing

  4. Living in Wisconsin, I can’t think of a better way to describe the weather this week, and it’s not even as bad as it was a week or two ago, when we had -50 wind chills. The Red Cloud drawing is amazing, I could look at it for hours, and I adore Wyatt and Jasper, and of course Miss Fish too. Cats make being snowed in so much easier to deal with.

  5. Love Red Cloud! Excellent rendering. And my new cat looks just like Wyatt. I changed her name from Ginger to Miss Scarlett after getting to know her a bit better. It fits her quite well. Beautiful raven fur and gold eyes and kind of a bitch sometimes.

    I also love your answer to the attempt at language control. Kind and firm.

    Seems so odd to not be going to Tucson this year. But it is just not in the stars for me this time. Next year maybe. I will miss all the fabulous, creative people you gather around you. And of course you.

  6. Ha Ha Kate! Cold as Fuck here in Nova Scotia too! Snowed in and my cats are in agreement – best to stay in and snuggle. Wyatt and Jasper are gorgeous, Big kitty snuggles. Fantabulous drawing Liam! the detail is excellent. I keep going back and looking at it – Love it.

  7. Thought police. Sex police. Freedom of speech police: Please leave us our minority of places where we feel comfortable expressing ourselves, enjoying ribald refreshment, or , in this case, accurate and dynamic descriptors from an excellent author and wordsmith. Your non-prudish majority has plenty of places where The Rules Will Be Enforced. Must you presume to control others choices (despite your clearly awesome burden of always knowing best?)

    Have a nice day.

    • You are fierce today! I was just thinking of you, because I’ve got your work gorgeously featured in the Calendar.

      I think the language thing is just a cultural prejudice. I have always enjoyed profanity, but I do also know elegant people who almost never use it and I like that as well. It’s hard to imagine Bryan Ferry saying “cocksucker”, and I kind of like that. In fact, when he covered Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black he changed a lyric to avoid having to utter the word “dick”. Pure class.

      I, however, am cut of more of a sailcloth than a silk.

  8. Not to worry; there seems to be a link between silk and sows, I recall. (But I can whip you up a little purse anytime regardless.)

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