Off I go, leaving an endlessly beautiful, blue sky sunny forecast to go to the Midwest for a bit, to hang out with the boys  and cover for Bill, who has a Pluto mission team meeting. Their little robot is barreling along at something like a million miles a day, and all of our people are overtly excited about it. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be. Pluto! We haven’t really seen it yet. Isn’t that amazing?


The New Horizons craft, being assembled at the Applied Physics Lab, photo NASA

You’d think that we would have launched a telescope by now that could see that well that far. We could, we just haven’t, as we are too involved in warring over fossil fuels. Stupid, but there it is.

I’ll come back to Tucson before the end of the month to get ready for the show madness… a couple of weeks of houseguests, and an intense five days in the middle- we’ll be doing photoshoots, going on hikes and star parties, having a pot-luck dinner party for three nights in a row, and just generally catching up with friends.

All the while, of course, I’m working fuller than full time on the new book.

I’ll post a few more layouts soon.

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  1. Yes, Kate, you do that alot! I’d love to be there also but the timng doesn’t work on this end. Have a blast! I’ll send my flower pin in my place.

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