I’m in Tucson for another day or two, soaking up a last bit of serious sunshine and warmth, and gathering supplies for a few beady projects. This weekend, I head back into winter, or whatever St. Louis has to dish up. You never know.

I’m happy to be able to come out here for sun breaks, visits to Larryland. I’m spending most of my year with the boys, hanging out and writing books, but I have to get out of St. Louis from time to time or I die a little bit inside. Once we get to Boston I’ll probably settle in for the whole term; I told Miss Fish last night that she really ought to come with me.

She was noncommittal, but I don’t think she wants to go anywhere that her four paws can’t take her.

The cats have soaking up the sunshine as their main job, can you imagine? What a gig.

Simon on the Simon Striped Blanket

Simon loves the Simon-spotted blanket in front of the Simon-spotted curtain  in the sunny spot by the fridge. He sleeps off most mornings here, lazily watching the lemon tree, snoozing, dreaming.

I photographed a killer piece from Vee Pretorius, in Scotland. Look!


If you are curious about What’s Up with the CGB project, there is a full update on the Book Blog.

And the Shop is sort of bristling with good stuff.  The CGB Calendar is of particular notice; I doubt that there will be a second press run, so if you want one, order it NOW- it’s on the press next week, printed in the USA of course.

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7 thoughts on “sun-soaky

    • I know, but you want to do what I always want to do, give her an extra O. It’s Pretorius, which is, when you think about it, even nicer on the tongue, a bit like “preternatural”, no offense to Vee, just a linguistic comparison. It took me a long time, though, to smack that extra O out of my typings of her name.
      (Running back to post to see if I did it again)

  1. Hi Kate! Enjoy the sunshine and I don’t blame Miss Fish for not wanting to go where the sunshine is limited :)
    Thank you for the fabulous photo! BTW have you turned it inside out yet?

  2. Yes I did! It’s flexible enough if you go slowly without forcing it, so do give it a try and let me know what you think!
    Regarding the name what do you think of “enigma” – my homage to Miles Davis

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