strange and beautiful

Many things happened today, all of them very slowly and gently, but when they were finished, everything was in a slightly different alignment. I’m grateful.

I’ve made really wonderful progress on the CGB project. Teasing all of the parts apart has made it much easier to see how they might all go together in new ways, ways that benefit others as well as  the project. It feels more like I’m watching it come together on its own than that I’m making it happen, and that’s a good feeling when one is world-building.

Kim Boeckman olive web 3

above, Zig-Wing Bangle, pattern by Kate, beadwork by Kim Boeckman

I’m having fun taking some of the basics of the architecture and really stepping them out so that more people can participate- I’m opening our Pattern Library for free, and I want to start it out in an orderly fashion, teaching each move with a lot of photographs and video.

The shapes are simple, but have many possibilities for development. All of these photographs are of the same exact piece of beadwork, for example, just arranged in different orientations, each of which can be followed through on, locked into place.

If I’m not limited by book pages, I can really give a lot of information about not only patterns, but the potential of structures like the Zigged Band. Kim’s piece above started off almost exactly like this, just in different colours:

Zigged Band Options

In the digital version, for example, each of these images can be seen full screen, at high enough resolution that you can count the beads. I can include as much extra text as I like to explain each shot. This is hugely helpful for people, but hard to pull off in the books.

Anyway, everything about the Pattern Library excites me. As with anything, the more we can give, the more wonderful the community support will be, and of course we’ll also be more successful, and have more to share.

Kim Boeckman olive web 4

Another view of Kim’s Zig-Wing bangle

The next month is going to be quite a ride. I’ve got a lot to pull together and it’s lovely to feel not only competent, but excited. There just isn’t anything to compare with the sweetness of having put in the work. Do you know what I mean?

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