Miss Fish is happy to see me.

Reunited and it feels so sweet

Walking home through my neighborhood from the bus stop this afternoon, I passed my mail carrier.

He laughed at my suitcase and said, “Hey, Kate, are you walking back from a foreign country?” I said, “It feels like it, but it was just St. Louis.”

I left this picturesque scene, escaping neatly just before the temperature plummeted below zero F.

Freezy St Louis

Tucson was in the high 60s when I came in, and so that was a major uptick in my fortunes. And the mail that arrived for me this time was supreme- Walker Clasps from Stephanie Price, a gift Shuttlecraft for some lucky future person, and a new set of SWA drink coupons (praise Jesus!)

Great Mail

I was hugely productive all through my travels today, entering hundreds of new book orders in my neat little database, finishing the first rounds on an excellent Zigged Band sample. Work is going very well.

I’m off to Electric Larryland and then a nice, sweet sleep with Miss Fish, and I’ll be back in the ring early tomorrow, ready to lay some serious Yes on you.

3 thoughts on “Meow!

  1. Miss Fish is the happiest cat today for sure! So cute…
    Happy New Year, Kate!
    These Walker Clasps are wonderful, I wish I could buy some, but sadly Stephanie Price does not ship to Europe.

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