life keeps whirling forward

St Louis Sunset

I took a break last night to go out and play with Bill. We met up with Cindy Jenkins and Ed Weisbart, which is never wrong, and we saw their almost-finished house, ate Syrian food at Ranoush, and watched fireworks (of all things) that were shot off from the Kirkwood City Hall, down the street, and then we went to see the new Coen Bros. film, Inside Llewyn Davis. John Goodman stole the show, as might be expected. “In jazz, we play all of the notes, all twelve of them.”

It was fun. I’ve been taking pictures when I can. Not everyone appreciates it.

Liam said, as I was taking this at dinner the other night, “No photos, please.”

Liam No Photos Please

Bill and Evan don’t mind, though.

Bill Tree and Evan Texting

For some perhaps not-so-mysterious reason, Evan is suddenly texting all of the time.

Evan and Bill Dec 2013

I love Evan’s hands, squared-off, the way men’s hands can be, but long-fingered and sensitive.

Wyatt is hopelessly in love with Bill, in the way that some cats just pick one person out of all of humanity to adore. Miss Fish and I are like that. In the movie last night, the lead kept finding himself in situations where he was carrying a cat around everywhere he went, and it made me maudlin for the Fishstick.

Bill and Wyatt Dec 2013

Happily, I’ve made some mental headway on my projects as well as practical- I made a huge decision about the beadwork books yesterday and it made me VERY happy- I’m separating the entire library of stepped-out patterns from the books, so that they aren’t presenting as CGB patterns anymore, but instead are housed in a digital community library by contributor, easy to print off as needed, or view online. It was a stroke of genius; now the pattern designers can be the ones to not only get the clicks to their shops, kits and web sites, but they can also take the emails with specific pattern questions.

It feels like being reborn; honestly, I’m surprised that it took me this long to think of how to handle it. 

And now, best yet for me, the books can be the sparkling Kate-creations that they ought to be, full of ideas, photographs, and writing about design and tailoring, not bogged down with step-outs. Everyone can get as much of everything as they need, and I can focus on what I love, and hand off what I don’t.

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